Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mix It Up!

I have a new mixer in my kitchen. I´ve obviously been a good girl this year because a week ago I received this new Kenwood Hand Mixer from the new kMix range. Thank you for the lovely present!

I tested the mixer a week ago when my friends came over to celebrate the coming christmas. Yep, we were early this year! Last night I decided to test the mixer again and baked a chocolate cake to my mom to thank her for loaning me her cake pan (I know it sounds stupid but I don`t have my own cake pan). So, this time, instead of an empty cake pan I`m going to give her this delicious chocolate cake. Thanks for the cake pan loan, Mom!

P.S. The new Hand Mixer from Kenwood is Superb!


sitruuna said...

Ooo, I'm envious of the mixer. I was just about to add it in my blog (and wish list). Although I want it in silver. I was just browsing at webshops to find out if I could get it any cheaper - besides, I've only seen it in red for sale here.


Maya said...

Hi Sitruuna! Thanks for stopping by. White one would have been my own choose of the colors but the red is also nice. Have a look at the It`s the company who brings Kenwood to Finland. Call them and ask who sells the silver one in Helsinki.