Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Little Bit Of Luxury!

While I was searching for new USB memory stick, I came across these beauties. Wow, talk about luxury!

Keep your most important files close to your heart! Heart Beat USB Memory Key by Philips and Swarovski. Its name, Active Crystals! Polished stainless steel heart combined with Silver Shade crystals set in Ceralun (TM). For 1 GB of data with password protection, high speed USB 2.0 interface.

Your secrets are safe in Lock Out USB Memory Key, with slide-out and hooking mechanisms.


Anna said...

I think I once saw a price for those beauties, too. Pretty expensive, but what do you do if your wife/daughter/friend already has everything? :c)

Maya said...

They are quite pricey, yes. But if you can spend a little extra, so why not give something useful and pretty. Good gift idea for jewellery lovers ;)

minja said...


Laitan tämän nyt tännekkin: minjuska@jippii.fi :)

Pau said...

I strongly recommend this my nw pretty little Porsche:

Memory sticks will soon have too small capacity when files are getting bigger. My Porsche is traveling with me in it's elegant black bag.