Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Today I did some I-know-I-do-not-have-any-extra-money-but-these-are-so-cheap-almost-free-and-I-am-sure-I-will-need-these-someday-so-these-will-be-a-good-investment-for-the-future shopping.

Arabia/Hackman/Iittala Factory shops sold cutleries for 1 €/piece.

12 tablespoons
12 forks
12 knives
12 coffee spoons
Total amount 42 €
(coffee spoons were only 0,50 €)


Anna said...

Due to the topic "42" I thought I would find a profound truth of the meaning of life. xc)

(read Douglas Adams if you didn't get it :c) )

paperisydän said...

Näitä tarvitaan aina. Nyt voit kutsua isommankin porukan syömään :)