Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Hunt For The Right Shade!

Latte, Mocha, Frappucino or Cappucino... what coffee flavour would be the right one for a bedroom wall? A friend of mine is redecorating their apartment and asked me to help her. She has started the project from the bedroom. A little this and that has been already bought and now one of the walls needs a new tone, others are white and will stay white, I assume. Just a little bit of brown or maybe grey. Hmm... this one needs a little bit of thinking.

There are so many beautiful shades from Tikkurila, Sadolin and Teknos.


Anna said...

I love the paint brochures from Tikkurila and Sadolin. I love colors in general, and all the samples of different colors, finishes and textures. I was just drooling over some new (?) brochures by Sadolin: the Fashion texture and Fashion extreme products. All those lovely whites and energetic colors... yum!

The Kaunis Koti color suggestion maps from Tikkurila have also been really helpful, even if we ended up combining several maps for the perfect look.

Maya said...

Tikkurila and Sadolin makes a really good and helpful brochures. Those new Tunto paint shades are really pretty and I found so many beautiful colors that I would like to use somewhere :) Sadolin also has really cool paints like those Texture and Extreme products, that you mentioned.

Maybe someday, I might even paint one of the walls of my apartment with some other color than white... Just maybe ;)

Anna said...

We don't have a single white wall in our apartment. ;c) My mother prefers white walls, and in her place it looks good, but the first thing I did when moving to our first, bought apartment, was to paint all walls. The basic color in our current apartment is a creamy beige, with splashes of caffe latte, warm light blue and deep red. The ceiling is an eggshell off-white. I don't think I'm ever going to use maalarinvalkoinen!

Maya said...

I think I'm not ever going to use "maalarinvalkoinen" as well. All my walls are painted white but not with "maalarinvalkoinen". I mean they are really white (remonttiässä sävy A valkoinen). Now someone might think that the walls must be too white and bright, but no... I think they look good :)