Thursday, February 21, 2008

N is for Nursery

One more month to go... My sisters tummy is getting bigger and bigger day by day. Well, to tell you the truth it really isn't as big as it could be but its growing... The Baby's estimated due-date is in the end of March but I think that this baby is too anxious to come into the world and doesn't want to wait much longer anymore. So, it's time for me to help my sister to finish the nursery. We need to find and buy those missing pieces, put up the curtains and think wether the walls need a new paint or maybe wallpaper.

And a mobile... Let's not forget that little thing that all babies like to look at. Here are few cute ones!

Elephants Mobile from Sparkability.

Expectant Mother Mobile from Modernseed.

Hedgehog Family Mobile from Modernseed.

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