Monday, February 18, 2008


Phew, what a weekend! Saturday was beautiful but Sunday... it was terrible. Just awful!

A very good friend of mine got married on Saturday. We've been friends since we were little girls, for over 20 years now. Gosh, how the time flies!! The wedding ceremony was very beautiful and the bride looked like a princess. The whole day was just wonderful and we had a great time. As I said, the Saturday was wonderful, but what about Sunday... Yep, that's right. It wasn't that wonderful at all. No more wine for me, thanks! Or maybe it was just a stomach bug... Well, whatever it was, the wine or the bug, it took me the whole Sunday to recover. I had a lot of time to dream what kind of wedding ring I would like to have if I ever get married.
I really like the idea of these Wedding Bands by Andrew English. These rings come with a hand-engraved imprint of your partner's fingerprint either the in or outside of the ring making it a truly unique.


Anna said...

How pretty! Although the impression of the photo make me dubious whether the print will wear out fast - especially if it's on the outside of the ring. (My matte white gold / rose gold ring turned shiny in less than a year)
I have to show you what we have. :cD This is mine: -> trauringe -> Premium collection -> 10th ring pair and the ring with the diamonds.

My husband has the 12th ring, but the diamond-version and with the colors reversed.

Now I see they've got lots of new, pretty rings! Oh, why can't I wear a wedding band on each finger?

Maya said...

Actually, It didn't even cross my mind how the print might wear out ;)

You and your husband have very pretty wedding rings. I like that half and half idea.

Hey, how about one wedding band for each month ;)

Anna said...

Thanks. :c) I mostly think really expensive jewelry is useless, but I must confess I have one weakness... If only I could once afford to purchase (or better receive!) a simple, rectangular, single-diamond, white-gold ring from Tiffany's... A girl's always gotta have a dream, right? 0:c)