Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Safety Comes First!

Yesterday was a national 112 Day here in Finland. The idea behind this national event is to draw attention to safety, to raise awareness of hazards and accident prevention, every year on 11 February. 112 Day is also a reminder of the national emergency number 112.

It's better be safe than sorry and there are many ways that will help to keep your home and family safe.

Fire Extinguisher is a good thing to have in every home. Most of you probably know those red and dull looking extinguishers that everyone wants to hide if they even own one... It's a good thing that the Arnell Group has redesinged the fire extinguisher for HomeHero so that it's no longer so damn ugly. Look... I think it looks HOT HOT HOT!

The HomeHero Fire Extinguisher has won the Gold 2007 International Design Excellence Awards in Consumer Products, and I really don't wonder why!

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