Friday, March 28, 2008

Sound Of Music

I live in a very quiet home. It is sooooo quiet around here! The only sounds I hear are the ticking of my clock and the weird noises that my fridge makes. Oh yeah... and let's not forget the noises coming from the telly when I'm watching it. But there's no sounds of music, no melody, no rhyme, no nothing.

This is what I need and what I want! This would make an end to the two years of silence at my home! Maybe someday...

Or maybe this one... Tivoli Audio Model One.

In white, of course!


sitruuna said...

I have an iPal and love it! Connected with my iPod it's perfect for kitchen listening.

Anonymous said...

Be happy -be VERY HAPPY- for the silence you´re enjoying! That´s the luxury many of us don´t have.